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"It is time for your community to step forward."- Energy Secretary Bodman

Secretary of Energy Samuel Bodman spoke at last week's AAAS Forum on Science and Technology Policy on issues of major importance to the physics community. Selections from his address follow, including the need for the science community to communicate with Congress. Some paragraphs have been combined in the interest of space. The full speech may be read at


28 Apr 2006

Ray Orbach has completed testifying before House and Senate appropriators about the 14.1% requested budget increase for the Department of Energy's Office of Science. During two morning hearings last week before House and Senate Energy and Water Development Subcommittee appropriators, Director Orbach heard much praise and little or no criticism about the FY 2007 request. While these hearings are not money in the bank, they are positive signs about the receptivity of appropriators to the request.

4 Apr 2006

A "Dear Colleague" letter supporting the Bush Administration's request for a 14.1% increase in FY 2007 funding for the DOE Office of Science is now circulating in the House. Supporters of the Office of Science may wish to consider contacting their representative urging that he or she sign this letter that will be sent to the chairman and ranking member of the House Energy and Water Development Appropriations Subcommittee.

9 Mar 2006

"My request to you is to support the President's budget," DOE Office of Science Director Ray Orbach told the Fusion Energy Sciences Advisory Committee at a February 28 meeting. In an upbeat one hour presentation, Orbach discussed the FY 2007 Office of Science budget request, and what it would portend for the fusion energy sciences program.

3 Mar 2006

Constituents have the opportunity to give their support to a drive to increase the FY 2007 budget for the Department of Energy's Office of Science. A letter is now being circulated in the Senate to demonstrate support for the budget request for the Office of Science. Interested constituents are being urged to contact their senators to request that they sign this letter to key Senate appropriators.

23 Feb 2006

This is an historic step and will change the future of science in this country."- Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman

Almost every budget in the Department of Energy's Office of Science would see increases in FY 2007 under the request sent by President Bush to Congress last Monday. In many cases, requested percentage increases are in the double digits.

8 Feb 2006

A letter is now circulating in the House of Representatives urging the senior leadership of the House Energy and Water Development Appropriations Subcommittee to provide $4.5 billion in FY 2008 funding for the DOE Office of Science. Constituent interest will be critical in building support for this letter. Time is of the essence.

20 Nov 2007

"Significant progress has been made," Energy Under Secretary for Science Ray Orbach declares in his introduction to a new Office of Science report, "Four Years Later: An Interim Report on 'Facilities for the Future of Science: A Twenty-Year Outlook.'" The report, released on October 11, reviews the status of 28 proposed scientific facilities or major DOE facility upgrades.

17 Oct 2007

The House Appropriations Committee has approved its version of the FY 2008 Energy and Water Development Appropriations Bill and sent it to the House floor for consideration later this week. Under this bill, H.R. 2641, the Bush Administration's request for the Office of Science for the upcoming fiscal year was fully funded.

12 Jun 2007

The American Institute of Physics, American Physical Society, Optical Society of America, and 54 other corporations, associations, and academic institutions have endorsed a statement supporting the Administration's FY 2008 request for the DOE Office of Science. Under this request, funding would increase from the current budget of $3.8 billion to $4.4 billion.

4 May 2007


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