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Selecting her words carefully, Martha Krebs, director of DOE's newly-renamed Office of Science, yesterday said that "things will get better" as the administration completes its FY 2000 budget request. In her remarks to the High Energy Physics Advisory Panel, Krebs added that there is "a lot more room for things to be playing out in these next few weeks."

4 Dec 1998

The Senate is moving out ahead of the House on appropriations bills. On May 27, the Senate Appropriations Committee passed an FY 2000 appropriations bill for Energy and Water Development. This bill, as yet unnumbered, would fund the Department of Energy's defense, and most of its non-defense, programs, as well as Army Corps of Engineer and Bureau of Reclamation water projects. Physics research within DOE's Office of Science would receive less than requested; generally at a level approximately equal to current year (FY 1999) funding.

1 Jun 1999

"Everybody thinks [the SNS] is a great tool for science. I hope you don't mess it up!" Senate Energy and Water Appropriations Chairman Pete Domenici

16 Apr 1999

House Energy and Water Development Appropriations Subcommittee Chairman Ron Packard (R-CA) began his March 11 hearing by telling Martha Krebs and two senior DOE officials about their written testimony that he "hadn't read such technical information since dental school." While beginning this hearing on a light-hearted note, Packard, who just became subcommittee chairman, ended it with a far more serious tone about priority-setting, the national laboratories, and lobbying efforts by the Department.

22 Mar 1999

BEMENT CONFIRMED AS DIRECTOR OF NIST: On November 30, the Senate confirmed Arden Bement, Jr. as Director of the Department of Commerce's National Institute of Standards and Technology. Bement comes to NIST from Purdue University, where he was David A. Ross Distinguished Professor of Nuclear Engineering and headed the School of Nuclear Engineering.

20 Dec 2001

John Marburger appeared before the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation on October 9, as President Bush's nominee for Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy. FYI #126provided coverage of the nomination hearing. The full text of Marburger's written statement, which runs several pages, is provided below.

12 Oct 2001

"More than any other nation, we have used science and technology wisely to create peace, advance democracy, and provide for the well being of our citizens." - John Marburger

11 Oct 2001

"[T]he Director of the DOE Office of Science has responsibilities comparable to those of the director of the NSF and not very different from those of the directors of NIH and NASA but does not have comparable authority or visibility." - Robert Richardson, Cornell University

20 Aug 2001

The House passed its version of a National Energy Policy (H.R. 4)
on August 1, just before Congress left on its month-long summer
recess. The bill is a wide-ranging piece of authorizing
legislation, incorporating the work of several different House
committees. The Science Committee crafted a portion of the bill
which, among other things, sets authorization levels for the
Department of Energy's Office of Science and some of its

15 Aug 2001

It is likely that within the next few weeks - if not sooner - House appropriators will draft the FY 2002 Energy and Water Development Appropriations Bill. Signatures are now being sought for a letter to key House appropriators, with copies to the House Republican and Democratic leadership, asking for a significant increase in the Office of Science budget. The Bush Administration requested a 0.1%, or $4.4 million increase in the over-all budget for programs that it identified as "Science" for FY 2002.

11 Jun 2001


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