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Detailed information on the Department of Energy's FY 1997 Fusion
Energy Sciences Program will be available next week when the
Clinton Administration sends its budget request to Congress.  A
good indication of what can be expected is found in the written
testimony of Dr. Martha A. Krebs at the March 7 hearing of the
House Subcommittee on Energy and Environment (see FYI #39.)
Selections from her testimony follow:

13 Mar 1996

In a speech to the 50th Anniversary Symposium of Associated
Universities, Inc., Deputy Secretary of Energy Charles B. Curtis
discussed the need for greater involvement by scientists in the
political process.  Excerpts from his address follow:

"...if the needs and opportunities for publicly supported science
and technology are so apparent, why the budget threats?

27 Feb 1996

The following article by Martha Krebs, Assistant Secretary of
Energy Research at the Department of Energy, appears in the January
issue of "APS News."  We thank The American Physical Society for
its permission to share this article with FYI readers.


Looking Ahead: It's Time to Defend All of Scientific Research
by Martha Krebs

4 Jan 1996

Last week, the U.S. Department of Energy, the National Science Foundation, and CERN signed an agreement spelling out U.S. participation in the Large Hadron Collider. While this is a significant milestone, there is still a long way to go.

17 Dec 1997

Yesterday, DOE's Director of Energy Research, Martha Krebs, issued a press release describing the latest actions regarding Brookhaven's High Flux Beam Reactor (HFBR.) The release publicizes a new report by DOE's Basic Energy Sciences Advisory Committee (BESAC), which recommends that the HFBR "be restarted as soon as possible." The press release also indicates that, contrary to the previously announced schedule, Energy Secretary Federico Pena will not announce a "preferred alternative" for the future of the HFBR early next year.

11 Dec 1997

Capitol Hill has shown keen interest in the Department of Energy's national laboratories over the last few years. Congress has held many hearings on the national labs because of the winding down of the Cold War; concerns about environmental, health, and safety conditions; and pressures on federal spending. The Administration shares this interest, and has commissioned studies on the future of the labs.

3 Dec 1997

Allison Macfarlane, Chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, announced yesterday that she will resign from her position on January 1, 2015.  Macfarlane will become the Director of George Washington University’s Center for International Science and Technology Policy.

Macfarlane became NRC chairman on July 2012 when former chairman Gregory Jaczko left before completing the fifth year of his term.  She was renominated by President Obama and began her five year term in June 2013.

22 Oct 2014

Within the past month, the Administration has announced two nominations that are of interest to the science and technology community. Both will require Senate confirmation, but when that will occur is an open question. Congress returns next week from August recess, but will have its hands full trying to finish up the appropriations bills before the start of the new fiscal year on October 1.

27 Aug 1997

With the Administration's decision to end nuclear testing, the Department of Energy, as the guardian of the nation's nuclear weapons stockpile, must rely on computer modeling and simulation to certify the weapons' safety and reliability. At its weapons labs, DOE has the most powerful computer in the world, and two even faster ones under construction, and now needs to develop skills and techniques for using this computing power to maintain the stockpile.

6 Aug 1997

Today the full House considers H.R. 2203, the Energy and Water Development Appropriations Bill for FY 1998. Accompanying this legislation is the appropriations committee report (105-190), which contains several passages of interest to the physics community. The Senate has already completed work on its version of this bill; see FYI #93. It is expected that a conference committee will not meet until September to iron out the differences in the two different versions of this bill.

25 Jul 1997


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