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On February 12, Vice President Al Gore spoke at the annual meeting
of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in
Baltimore, Maryland.  Excerpts from his remarks, entitled, "The
Technology Challenge: What is the Role of Science in American
Society?" are quoted below.  The "//" indicates that selections
from separate paragraphs have been combined in the interests of


20 Feb 1996

JANUARY: President Clinton nominates Federico Pena to be the new Secretary of Energy. Although having little energy experience, Pena comes to the position from the Department of Transportation with the reputation as a strong manager. On Capitol Hill, Senator Phil Gramm (R-TX) introduces a bill to authorize the doubling of federal non-defense R&D spending over the next ten years.

31 Dec 1998

On August 5, President Clinton signed both the spending and the tax elements of the budget reconcilliation deal in a bipartisan White House ceremony. The dual reconcilliation bills are intended to bring the federal budget into balance by 2002, while providing a net tax cut of $95 billion over the same five-year period.

13 Aug 1997

TAX BILL: As reported in FYI #85, there are several provisions in the House-passed tax bill of interest to the research community. Most observers following these provisions see House Ways and Means Chairman Bill Archer (R), who represents a district in Houston, Texas, as a key figure in the upcoming House-Senate conference. Congress wants to settle this bill before the end of the month when it leaves on its summer recess.

11 Jul 1997

In a thirty-minute speech to the graduates of Morgan State University, Baltimore, MD, on May 18, President Clinton described "four guideposts, rooted in our traditional principles of ethics and morals, that must guide us if we are to master the powerful forces of change in the new century." He also stated, "in science, if the last 50 years were the age of physics, the next 50 years will be the age of biology." Most of his remarks are below, with the exception of his opening remarks of a commencement nature, and three edits as noted.

20 May 1997

Physics, Materials Research, Astronomical Sciences This and subsequent issues of FYI will provide further details on FY 1998 budget requests of direct interest to the physics community. This FYI includes subactivitities of the National Science Foundation's Mathematical and Physical Sciences Activity. Quotations are from NSF's FY 1998 budget request to Congress.


"The FY 1998 Budget Request for the Physics Subactivity is $148.22 million, an increase of $9.50 million, or 6.8%, over the FY 1997 Current Plan of $138.72 million."

17 Feb 1997

Gramm Bill Would Double Federal Research Dollars by 2007

28 Jan 1997

On December 13, former and current American Physical Society presidents Robert Schrieffer and D. Allan Bromley sent the following letter to President Clinton:

9 Jan 1997

On December 13, former and current American Physical Society presidents Robert Schrieffer and D. Allan Bromley sent the following letter to President Clinton:

9 Jan 1997

Replacing Newt Gingrich (R-GA) as Speaker in the 106th Congress will be Rep. Bob Livingston (R-LA). The former Appropriations Committee Chairman will be starting his 11th full term representing Louisiana's first district, less than a year after he considered retiring from Congress. Although Livingston was a Gingrich loyalist, dissatisfaction with the election results - in which the Republicans lost five House seats - caused him to challenge the incumbent Speaker.

18 Dec 1998


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