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-- -- May 25, 2012

On account of the Memorial Day holiday, AIP Matters will not be distributed on Monday, May 28. Instead, we share with you Kevin Marvel's eye-witness account of an important cosmic event.
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All eyes on the Moon

by Kevin Marvel, Executive Officer of AAS

I viewed the annular eclipse on May 20 from Mt. Wilson, a 9000 foot peak in southeast Nevada. A well-graded dirt road goes all the way to the summit for maintenance of an FAA navigation beacon and microwave relay stations. We had cool temperatures (in contrast to the 90 degree heat of the valleys, we were in the 60s), light winds and tremendous solitude. The images here are the point of third-contact, when angularity begins, two shots from before third contact showing a sunspot about to get covered by the disk of the Moon, and a quick shot during the partial phase and showing the basin and range geography that dominates Nevada. I held a welders glass roughly half-way across my lens, after adjusting exposure on the mountains below. As we approached angularity, the temperatures dropped substantially.

I used a temperature data logger to record the temperatures before the eclipse and as it progressed.
All in all, it was a great trip with some good friends from New York City and a great annular eclipse with clear skies. I recommend everyone see at least one total or annular eclipse…it's a life-enhancing event.
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