Monday, June 27, 2011

H. Frederick Dylla Director's Matters

By H. Frederick Dylla, Executive Director

AIP publishing to focus exclusively on core mission

AIP staff, customers, business partners, and other stakeholders were recently informed of a significant strategic change that affects AIP's publishing business. During a recent annual planning retreat, the AIP Executive Committee and AIP senior management team made the decision to refocus AIP's publishing program on its original and core mission: the publishing of AIP's strong journal portfolio and the journals of its Member Societies. (See the AIP press release dated June 12.) Consequently, AIP is phasing out its publishing services business for non-members.

More than a decade ago, AIP expanded its business portfolio beyond the AIP umbrella to include other professional societies that required publishing services. The publishing services business has changed significantly since then with the emergence and growth of a highly competitive service vendor industry. As a result, it had become increasingly challenging for AIP to provide a wide range of customized services and successfully meet a diverse set of customer requirements. More importantly, the effort required has been holding AIP back from fostering its core mission of growing AIP and its Member Society partner journals and related information products. The news that AIP would be focusing on its original core mission in publishing was indeed well received by our Member Societies. But what does it mean for non-member customers?

Following the decision, the publishing team and I personally contacted all Non-Member Society customers to inform them that AIP would not be renewing their publishing services contracts. We made a personal commitment to these customers that AIP will work with them to ensure a smooth transition to other publishing services vendors of their choosing.

During the Special Libraries Association meeting (June 12 – 15) in Philadelphia, PA, we met with many of the customers affected by the decision, and began detailed planning for each transition. We are grateful for the relationships we have developed with this diverse group of societies and would like to take this opportunity to wish them continued success.

This latest strategic move signifies a fundamental change in AIP's business model for publishing. Although a difficult decision, the AIP Executive Committee and AIP management feel it was a necessary one—one that will ultimately strengthen AIP's publishing program and result in stronger support of AIP's outreach services for the global physical science community.

Publishing Matters

Article-level metrics available for AIP Advances

AIP Advances logo Last week AIP launched article-level metrics for its new, open access journal AIP Advances. The tool measures abstract and full-text article views, and offers a graphical snapshot of cumulative usage of both, beginning with the date the article is published online. By focusing on individual research papers, independently from the journals in which they are published, article-level metrics allow papers to be judged on their own scientific merit. They provide a measure of an article's influence over time as the usage accrues. Together with existing community-driven features already available on AIP Advances, such as post-publication reader commentary and article ratings assessing impact, presentation, and reliability, article-level metrics offer researchers and readers new ways to identify research that will be of value to them. AIP Advances debuted on March 1, 2011. The second issue is currently in progress. For more information, see the press release.

Physics Resources Center Matters

AIP/AVS Industrial Physics Forum preview

IPF logo AIP is teaming up with AVS to hold an Industrial Physics Forum (IPF) October 30 – November 1 in Nashville, TN. This will be the first year that AIP will hold two IPFs—recall that the first 2011 IPF was held in conjunction with the APS March meeting. "Energy: Transition to a Sustainable Future" will feature select topics that address the intricate global interdependence of scientific, technical, and geopolitical issues that constrain or redirect development toward a sustainable energy future. It will also address specific technical challenges and novel approaches to energy supply issues, some of which are not typically covered at the AVS International Symposium. The IPF thus serves as a lead-in to the more detailed talks presented throughout the Symposium week. Three sessions of invited talks are planned: Energy: Global Prospects; The Electric Economy: The Supply/Demand Challenge; and Materials for a Sustainable Future.

Around AIP

NMS summer interns bring writing skills and science expertise to AIP

2011 News and media Services interns Jenny Lee (left) and Catherine Meyers (right).AIP's Division of News and Media Services (NMS) is fortunate to have the services of two highly skilled interns for the summer. Jenny Lee recently received her master's degree in science journalism from the University of Southern California. Lee is working most closely with AIP's Discoveries and Breakthroughs Inside Science (DBIS) video news program, helping to edit various production elements and developing a more accessible index of the DBIS archive. Catherine Meyers, a recent graduate of the University of California, Santa Cruz's graduate program in science writing, has taken on some of AIP's media relations activities, including writing news releases on journal articles and providing outreach support for the Member Societies. Both interns will also have the opportunity to branch out and support other NMS programs, such as the Inside Science News Service. Please join us in welcoming Lee and Meyers to AIP and making their experience here as rewarding as possible.

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