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Monday, December 20, 2010

H. Frederick Dylla Director's Matters

By H. Frederick Dylla, Executive Director & CEO

Deck the labs with physics carols

Serious students and professionals alike contribute to the development of new diversions in celebration of the holiday season. Take a few minutes and be inspired by their creations, products of wit and perhaps a little too much post-semester free time.

Wesleyan University Physics Department hosted site

Black hole
Read more about photons and black holes at Supernova Condensate

Editors's choice highlight:

Frosty the Photon

Frosty the photon
Escaped from a black hole,
Then he used his spin
To find his kin,
Near the ends of a dipole.
Frosty the photon
With momentum h-bar-k
Though he had the right
To be known as light,
He was called a gamma ray. (hosted by Haverford College)

Twelve Days of Newton performed by the Lycoming College Society of Physics Students

Enjoy your holidays!


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