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The importance of industrial outreach
The connections between science and industry are essential, as many scientific developments often lead to industrial applications and new products. When you mention the science of chemistry, the connections to a chemical industry are self-evident. Biology has straightforward connections to medicine and pharmaceuticals. Connections between physics and industry, however, are less apparent to the general public. Yet in fact, much of the world's economy is dependant on results of physics research conducted in the last century that gave us the transistor, the laser, optical fibers, and the World Wide Web. The physical sciences play an important role in the development of new energy sources, environmental remediation, and in refurbishing infrastructure for the developing world.

Both the basic and applied research communities of academia and the research and development activities of industry are needed to affect major advances in technology. AIP and its Member Societies (MS) must work to strengthen the link between the academic and industrial physics communities for the good of our discipline, for technological progress and for human benefit.

Photo credit: National Institute of Standards and Technology AIP recognized the importance of industrial ties long ago—the the campaign to develop relationships between AIP and physicists in industry began in 1934. AIP formed Corporate Associates, which today consists of 37 organizations, both large and small, which use physics in research and product development, and which recognize the value of staying connected to the greater physics community. Our Corporate Associates also help AIP and its Member Societies shape industrial outreach efforts. To enhance our benefits to industry, AIP developed a version of AIP Articles On Demand to give smaller companies affordable access to AIP and other MS journals on Scitation®. AIP also administers and presents a prize (sponsored by the General Motors Corporation) to recognize scientists for industrial applications of physics resulting in significant commercialization.

Last week, APS and AIP held their second joint Industrial Physics Leadership Summit at the APS March meeting entitled, "How can industry best support the innovative research that it needs?" Thirty R&D leaders from industry engaged in a discussion on how their companies address this challenge. They discussed, for example, a successful model for research collaborations within the semiconductor industry that could potentially be applied to other industries. Participants also considered the necessary ingredients for mutually beneficial collaborations with universities and suggested that a follow-up summit be organized to include academic leaders. AIP and APS received some valuable feedback on how to better serve physicists in industry.

AIP will celebrate its 50th annual Industrial Physics Forum in October 2008, with AIP and a group of Member Societies (AVS, AAS, OSA and AGU) co-hosting the forum. Stay tuned for more information on this event in future issues of AIP Matters.

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Blending content and technology
NFAIS 2008 conference In February, representatives from Publishing Technology traveled to Philadelphia, PA, to attend the 2008 Annual Conference of the National Federation of Advanced Information Services (NFAIS). NFAIS—founded in 1958 as the National Federation of Science Abstracting and Indexing Services—is a membership association for organizations that create, aggregate, and facilitate access to information. During the 2008 Conference—themed "New Information Order: Its Culture, Content, and Economy"—NFAIS celebrated its 50th anniversary. Today's information providers are blending content and technology as never before to ensure that products and services will satisfy increasingly savvy information consumers. Forum sessions focused on communication and information behavior, the emerging culture, leveraging the developing environment, and strategies for success. A trip report from Publishing Technology staff may be found in recent postings to The Technology Blog.

Adventures in Agility
Adventures in Agility
In November 2007, shortly after the Scitation® Partners meeting, AIP created Adventures in Agility, the weblog (or blog) for Scitation's Publishing Partners. Increasingly, AIP is utilizing easy-to-use Web 2.0 applications like blogs and RSS to communicate more effectively with its publishing customers and familiarize them with tools regularly used by members of their own communities. The weblog covers such topics as the abstract redesign, changes in our usage statistics service, conferences AIP staff are attending, e.g., London Online, and other noteworthy items about STM (scientific-technical-medical) publishing. To keep up to date on what's happening on Scitation®, visit Adventures in Agility. [Blog Tip: To be alerted to the latest posts automatically, add the RSS feeds to your browser or feed-reader, which appear to the right or at the bottom of the blog page.]

AIP announces awards for best science writing
Quantum weirdness, parallel worlds, dinosaur poop, and the ultimate fate of the universe actually do have something in common! They are the subjects of the work produced by the recently named winners of the 2007 AIP Science Writing Awards. The prize consists of $3,000, an engraved Windsor chair, and certificates of recognition. And the winners are . . .

James Stith, Vice President, Physics Resources, presented Tim Folger with his award at the APS March Meeting last week. Stith said, "These outstanding writers and broadcasters have each improved the general public's appreciation of physics, astronomy, and related sciences through their creative endeavors...We are pleased to be able to recognize such excellent work."

Linda Boniello ASTM Award of Appreciation
On March 6, AIP employee Linda Boniello was presented an ASTM Award of Appreciation on behalf of the ASTM Committee D08 on Roofing and Waterproofing, for her peer review work on the papers for the Proceedings of the 2007 Symposium on Roofing Research and Standards Development. Managing Editor, Janis Bennett presented Linda with a plaque and letter of appreciation from Symposium Chairman Walter Rossiter of NIST. Linda accepted the award on behalf of the AIP Peer Review Services Team, who was instrumental in preparing the STP (Proceedings), on time, for onsite distribution at the meeting. Linda has been an AIP employee for more than 20 years and has experience with most aspects of the production process (for APS journals). She is now working on peer review for the ASTM journals and books. ASTM International, formerly the American Society for Testing and Materials, is an organization dedicated to the development of market-relevant standards around the globe. Congratulations Linda!

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