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Going green
As noted in last week's AIP Matters, the rising costs and environmental impact of energy generation are issues of national concern. The physical science community represented by AIP and its Member Societies plays a significant role in studying and identifying solutions to these important problems through our programmatic activities, such as publishing scientific journals, sponsoring conferences and workshops, and distributing key research results.

As we advocate for public policy and R&D directed at developing energy sources with minimal environmental impact, we need to lead by example. To make AIP a "greener" organization, there are relatively simple changes we need to commit to, in our workplace and in our decisions about products AIP distributes from both the Maryland and New York locations. The obvious examples are more extensive recycling of consumables, use of recycled paper and soy-based inks for distributed non-archival publications, and collaboration with our printers for environmentally friendly archival publications.

Many businesses and institutions are making similar changes because it makes economic sense, and it is the right thing to do. If AIP intends to educate national and international leadership on how to tackle energy-climate problems, it must align its actions with its ideals. I am in the process of appointing co-chairs of a new AIP staff-driven committee to lead a green initiative, and collect ideas from AIP staff members and outside experts, in an effort to improve the energy efficiency and environmental impact of AIP operations.

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ALA Midwinter MeetingALA Midwinter Meeting—10,000 strong
In mid-January, AIP Marketing exhibited at their first major library conference of 2008—the American Library Association's (ALA) Midwinter Meeting in Philadelphia, PA. Nearly half of the more than 10,000 librarians who attended represent colleges and universities, while the rest hail from government libraries, public libraries, and school media centers. AIP's booth highlighted new 2008 institutional subscription options, such as the expanded online backfile of Physics Today, and features of our online offerings like the new Scitation Library Service Center. In addition to gathering feedback from our library customers, ALA also provides us the opportunity to meet with business partners such as sales agents, other publishers, and technology providers. This enables us to stay abreast of industry developments and helps ensure our online content is well-integrated into the larger scholarly research landscape.

Campaign 2008
Campaign 2008
Physics Today magazine recently launched its Campaign 2008 elections website, a comprehensive source of information about the positions of the presidential candidates on science, technology, and energy issues.

The magazine, in partnership with AIP's Inside Science News Service, posed questions focused on the areas of science and technology where policy makers play a critical role, then gathered position statements, news articles, and relevant commentary to define where each candidate stands. As the candidates make statements on relevant issues, whether in debates, new position statements, or news media interviews, the website will be updated.

What is "outstanding"?
Answer: The term applied to Toni Sauncy of Angelo State University.

SPS President Earl Blodgett and Toni Sauncy (left)SPS President Earl Blodgett presented Sauncy (left) with the 2007 Outstanding Chapter Advisor Award at last week's AAPT Winter Meeting in Baltimore, MD. Penn State students SPS also chose the venue to debut its Jeopardy! Game, centered on the theme of Future Faces of Physics, to encourage a discussion of diversity in physics. A team of Penn State physics students took home the gold (right).

Several SPS volunteers and staff members bedazzled about 100 fourth through seventh graders with the colorful properties of light at an outreach event held at the Baltimore Science Center. And, just so you know these bright undergraduate members of SPS are serious about science, we are proud to report that 23 students from across the country presented their work in SPS-sponsored sessions. Look for the student reporters' coverage of the AAPT Meeting experience on the SPS website soon.

Tuition assistance
You may have made some 'resolutions' for 2008. Is one of them personal enrichment through education? AIP offers an excellent tuition assistance program that will reimburse up to $4,500 per academic year for undergraduate degrees and up to $5,000 per academic year for graduate degrees. Visit the HR website for specifics about the tuition assistance policy. If you would like to talk to a Human Resources staff member about the policy, contact Donna Jones in College Park or Mary Hansen in Melville.

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