H. Frederick Dylla Director's Matters

People power
One advantage of working at an institution such as the American Institute of Physics is the wealth of expertise available right in the next office or cubicle. AIP employs people with a wide variety of professional, educational, and cultural backgrounds. Tapping into one another's knowledge and skills can greatly enhance the outcomes of our tasks. Both AIP staff and customers can benefit from a better understanding of each working group's role.

To that end, on the Human Resources (HR) website, we have created a new AIP organizational chart that shows how each department is structured. As you will see in the chart, a small arrow under a manager's name indicates that there is a level of staff that is not showing. By clicking on that arrow, you jump to the page that lists that person's staff. This process of drilling down should help convey each business unit's hierarchy. For tips on how to navigate the chart, see the tutorial (the link beneath the organizational chart on the HR website).

Additionally, I will be asking all department heads to write a brief article for the "Around AIP" section of this newsletter, describing their department's work and its customers, both internal and external. You will have the opportunity to learn more about each department, see a photo of the staff, and link to the organizational chart. For now, feel free to spend some time with the new chart. It is my hope that all of us will become more familiar with our business units and the employees within them, and how they contribute toward AIP's mission and goals.

We've also made some recent innovations to our AIP homepage, improving how visitors can locate people within our organization. On the AIP homepage, click on "contact us" to access a searchable telephone directory of all AIP staff and an abbreviated list of contacts by department.

I hope that these features will help to facilitate communication and improve everyone's understanding of AIP's organizational structure. As always, your feedback on how we can improve these new features is welcome.



Pub Tech staff attends user group conference
AIP has recently begun using Atlassian applications to assist in the management of the projects associated with our online platform. In mid-October, members of Publishing Technology attended the Atlassian User Group Conference in New York.  Topics discussed during the conference included existing product capabilities, upcoming product features, and product customization techniques. For example, one of the presentations involved using a wiki as a tool in an agile development process. The conference was an excellent opportunity to interact with the vendor face-to-face, learn about new features that will be available shortly, and gain some insight into how other customers are making use of the product suite. More information can be found in The Technology Blog.

Making waves at Six Flags
students at Six FlagsEven though last month's Sigma Pi Sigma Congress has been foremost on the Education division's mind, the fall cycle of programs is in full swing: the SPS SOCK (SPS Outreach Catalyst Kit), "Makin' Waves," is in production; 23 students have submitted travel requests to present at the March APS meeting in Pittsburgh, PA; and dozens more have submitted proposals to get funding for SPS outreach and research awards. Plans are ramping up for a thrilling Six Flags Physics Day (April 24), which will include physics street performers, a physics department fair, a roller coaster building contest, and more. SPS is partnering with AAPT and APS on Six Flags Physics Day, and thousands of high-school physics students are expected.

Farewell soiree for Darlene Walters
Darlene Walters at her retirement party Family, friends, and employees drew together at the Fox Hollow Country Club last Thursday evening to celebrate the abundant accomplishments of Darlene Walters—Senior Vice President, Publishing—and to wish her much happiness in her retirement. Darlene served AIP well in her 29 years, a fact that was confirmed with each delivered speech. The speakers were plentiful, but the sentiments had a very similar theme: Darlene is a woman who saw the big picture, who sought out the best possible solution for any situation, and who had an exceptional aptitude for numbers. All our best, Darlene!


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