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Please join me in welcoming Friedrich (Fritz) Wagner, President of the European Physical Society, who is visiting AIP in College Park today. Fritz will be meeting with several PRC division directors, and will be attending part of the Education Liaison Committee meeting (taking place on-site today). Our shared building will also afford him visits with APS and AAPT leadership. We're obviously making the most of his time with us!

European Physical Society logo The European Physical Society (EPS), like AIP, is an umbrella organization. It represents over 100,000 members and physicists through its 40 national member societies. Created in 1968 to promote physics and physicists in Europe, EPS offers an international forum to discuss science and policy issues of interest to its members.

Friedrich (Fritz) Wagner For nearly 20 years, Fritz has been a Scientific Fellow of the Max Planck Institute of Plasma Physics (IPP) in Greifswald, Germany, and served as director of IPP for much of that time. I've known Fritz since 1975 when we both began careers in plasma physics: he at the IPP, and I at Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory. We have collaborated on various scientific and professional society activities ever since. Most recently, we've just succeeded in getting Greifswald, Germany and Newport News, VA (my former stomping ground) to be named sister cities.

I hope today's visit will strengthen ties between AIP and EPS, helping AIP and its Member Societies to identify ways in which our societies can work together to advance common goals in the international physics community.

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Production raises the bar
Setup and testing are underway for the upgrade of our Xyvision® page makeup system. The upgrade allows AIP to benefit from new features offered in this latest version of the Xyvision software such as true support for Unicode and an improved environment for font handling. For example, we will be able to accommodate more easily a new customer requirement to include the applicable Chinese characters in the names of authors from China. In addition, the upgrade provides the capability to import native PDF graphics files. This capability dovetails nicely with our new PDF graphics editing tool, SpeedFlow Edit® from OneVision Software AG, and with our project to maintain the use of author-supplied vector images throughout the production process.

Society for Scholarly Publishing's 'Top Management Roundtable' Making content useful
In early September, AIP's Publishing Services Sales group attended the Society for Scholarly Publishing's "Top Management Roundtable" in Philadelphia. AIP Publishing Services was one of several sponsors of the event, featuring panels from a variety of industry, media, and publishing sectors to discuss hands-on experiences—what works and what doesn't—in the transition to new models of content delivery and access. The roundtable included thought leaders from the news, television, music, museum, and investment and consulting worlds, as well as from online trade, education, and reference publishing. The central theme of the meeting was the challenge of developing sustainable business models (making money) in the evolving era of free and open content on the web. Scholarly publishers were advised to focus on innovation, quality, service, and branding as essential tools necessary to compete in web-based content delivery businesses. One speaker advised: "Don't just deliver content, make it useful!"

GR staff supports OSA in Congressional caucus briefing
AIP's Government Relations assisted with a briefing by OSA entitled "Strengthening National Defense with Laser Technology," an event designed to help Congressional staffers to understand the laser technologies currently used in national defense as well as the importance of funding research related to laser physics. The House of Representatives' R&D Caucus hosts similar events once a month, sometimes presenting an opportunity for AIP to help its Member Societies to get their messages to Congress. Regular briefings also allow for Congressional staffers to become familiar with contacts in the physics community that can provide expertise in scientific and technological issues facing Congress.

Physics Today jobs Physicists wanted
The Physics Today Career Network (PTCN) is collaborating with both Physics Today Online (PTOL) and the Society of Physics Students (SPS) to list specific job postings on their sites. PTOL provides links to PTCN "featured jobs," which are enhanced, more visible postings. On its Careers Using Physics (CUP) site, SPS lists PTCN job postings that require a bachelor's degree, as these jobs specifically relate to the SPS audience. Both arrangements serve to increase PTCN traffic while providing a useful service to PTOL and CUP users.

Careers Using Physics (CUP)

The job postings to CUP coincide with the site's redesign. Undergraduate physics majors can use CUP's many resources to get their career on track—from from professional advice, to diverse career profiles and summer research opportunities. CUP also links to other helpful resources offered by AIP, its Member Societies, and other organizations.

All eyes on education
Representatives from AIP's 10 Member Societies will meet at ACP today for the annual Education Liaison Committee meeting, to share information on each Society's efforts to advance education and look for ways to collaborate and/or leverage resources.

Upgrade to the MACS
AIP uses the MACS application for customer tracking and membership, subscriptions, donations, meetings registration services as well as for extensive statistical reporting in Fulfillment & Marketing, Online Services (and their customers), and other AIP business units. We have just completed a major upgrade for MACS, the fifth upgrade since the application went live 10 years ago. In August, over 200 forms, used for data entry and reports for both internal and customer use, were migrated to Oracle Forms/Reports version 10g.

You spoke, we listened
Thank you to all employees who responded to HR's recent survey request regarding the holiday party you would prefer. We are pleased to announce that we will host afternoon offsite functions for both AIP locations. Mark your calendar to join your fellow employees in celebrating the holiday season on December 13, (Melville) at the Woodbury Country Club and December 20, (College Park) at the University of Maryland Golf Course.

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