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This week many AIP directors and key staff are attending Council of Engineering and Scientific Society Executives (CESSE) meeting in Halifax, Nova Scotia. CESSE was founded in 1977 as a non-profit professional society aimed at advancing, in the public interest, "the arts and sciences of the management of engineering and scientific societies." Its membership has grown to over 1,200 executives and managers from 165 science and engineering societies, whose combined memberships total approximately four million.

The CESSE meeting is an opportunity to exchange information with like societies and to learn from their collective experience in addressing similar problems, business challenges, and opportunities. In addition to its educational and training value, CESSE is a chance to meet prospective vendors and customers.

Each year, AIP sends a healthy mix of staff to the meeting to participate in the "track" of their particular expertise: information technology, general management, customer service, finance & administration, human resources, marketing & communications, meetings & exhibits, membership, public affairs, publications, and content development and delivery. Participants also attend plenary and panel sessions that address topics of mutual concern and engage in workshops where members share their knowledge on relevant issues.

AIP is an active member in CESSE, and often helps plan and facilitate sessions where we have knowledge and best practices to share. This year, for instance, Jonathan Goodwin of Human Resources will be chairing a session on techniques in presentations and training. The AIP Management Committee met last week to talk about AIP's goals and objectives for this week's meeting. We hope to bring back some valuable lessons.

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New frontiers

The first issue of HFSP Journal: Frontiers of Interdisciplinary Research in the Life Sciences, a new journal published by HFSP Publishing, is now available on AIP's Scitation hosting platform and can be accessed free of charge. HFSP Publishing partners with the leading international funding agency the Human Frontier Science Program Organization (HFSPO), which, since its establishment in 1989, has been supporting innovative research at the frontier of biology. The new journal fosters communication among scientists publishing innovative interdisciplinary research at the intersection of biology and the physical sciences, and it offers authors of research articles two avenues to publication: conventional and open access.

PXP in Chattanooga

At the end of June, the PXP team launched a manuscript submission and review website for the 2007 Cryogenic Engineering Conference and International Cryogenic Materials Conference (CEC - CMC), being held 16 - 20 July 2007 in Chattanooga, TN. Proceedings of this conference will be published in the AIP Conference Proceedings series.

"The Ambassador", a Martian sketched by astronomer Donald Menzel.

Physics and fun, and the founding of AIP

Visit the reading room of the Niels Bohr Library & Archives, where museum-style cases now display highlights from our collections. The current displays are "Physics and Fun" and "The Founding of AIP" and include historical photographs, documents, artwork, song lyrics, and books. Each display is assembled by the Library & Archives staff, and the displays are changed quarterly. By highlighting our diverse collections, we want to remind you of our resources, including current periodicals and a small loan collection of popular science books.

MGR creates buzz for Physics Olympiad

As part of the media efforts to promote the 2007 US Physics Olympiad Team, MGR contacted NPR's A Prairie Home Companion, and last week show host Garrison Keillor congratulated team member Aleksandra Stankiewicz of Minnesota on the air. See segment four of the "Greetings" section. MGR also influenced The News Journal of Wilmington, DE, and a Wisconsin TV news report's mentioning of U.S. Physics Team members and assisted AAPT's Warren Hein in fielding questions from a Northern California reporter. Additionally, the Christian Science Monitor interviewed students and coaches last Monday. Interested in the students' experiences at the international physics competition in Iran? Read their personal accounts.

Webex Support Center

Did you know that we have added to Webex's online meeting capabilities a new service component called Webex Support Center? It allows AIP staff to deliver instant, personalized support to users around the world. View and take control of desktops or applications, accelerate problem solving, decrease the time it takes to resolve support calls and increase customer satisfaction. Business Systems and Operations makes Webex services available to all AIP staff. To schedule a meeting or see Support Center in action, contact the New York Help Desk or visit Webex online and click "view demo" for a demonstration.

Verizon Wireless discount

Tired of the high cost of your cell phone? New and existing Verizon Wireless customers may be eligible to receive discounts on phones, calling plans, accessories, etc., with an employer's discount. As an AIP employee, you can reap savings if your calling plan cost is greater than $34.99/month. To check your eligibility, go to verizonwireless.com and select "Business" from the red tool bar and then select "Employee Discounts" and follow the online instructions. One more way that working for AIP puts money in your pocket!