H. Frederick Dylla Director's Matters

I thank all of you who helped prepare your business units' reports for the June 15, 2007 AIP Executive Committee meeting. Perhaps more importantly, hats off to ALL staff -- you contribute the substance of these reports, which are synopses of your hard work.

The AIP Executive Committee is the governing body most connected with the real "guts" of AIP's products and services. It meets four times a year and is authorized to act for the Governing Board in between meetings.The Governing Board deals with broad policy matters and approves new programs involving substantial expenditures, and delegates some of its authority to the Executive Committee to act on various administrative concerns. We rely on the Executive Committee for guidance, support and connections.

In addition to considering updates from all business units of the Institute, the June meeting of the Executive Committee focuses on setting the prices for our journals and magazines. This year on the agenda was preparation for the annual long-range planning retreat, which will take place this year in September.

Millie Dresselhaus of MIT, a national and international icon in the physics community, serves as Chair. The Committee has 13 members, seven of whom are voting members; all of whom represent the AIP Member Societies. The committee structure is a significant indicator that AIP is, first and foremost, an umbrella organization. This might seem like an obvious point, but it underlines AIP's primary role as a service provider to our Member Societies.

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Easy access

The ASA Digital Library has been launched on Scitation®. The new site, developed by AIP staff for The Acoustical Society of America (ASA), provides a unified search interface and point of access for all of the society's online content. Readers can search all content published online, including The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America (JASA), JASA Express Letters, Acoustics Research Letters Online (ARLO), acoustical standards, ASA e-books, and the newly published archives of the society's two magazines, Sound: Its Uses and Control and Noise Control. Further, the ASA Digital Library also links to information about ASA's other publications that are not available online, such as books in print and on CD-ROM, poster session collections, videos, and an auditory demonstration CD. By making all ASA-published content findable on this portal, ASA hopes to facilitate research in the field of acoustics.

If you build it...

AIP has received its first order for a new product launched on April 10. AIP Articles On Demand offers companies a pay-per-download solution to their information needs and is designed for firms that are unlikely to subscribe to one of our full archival research journals. Companies may pre-purchase a bundle of 50, 100, 250, or 500 articles; their accounts are then debited every time a user downloads an article. Our first customer is a firm in Bozeman, MT that develops and commercializes photonics technologies. We have a number of inquiries from other companies as well, for whom traditional subscription products are not appropriate.

Cosmic Journey
Cosmic Journey: A History of Scientific Cosmology is a lively and abundantly illustrated tour of how scientists discovered what the universe is like. History Center staff emailed educational websites asking them to give a link, and Media & Government Relations staff drafted a press release to science writers. Thanks to the publicity, the online visits to the exhibit, which had been only a few hundred a week, spiked to more than four thousand and then settled back to approximately one thousand. More than 200 other sites now link to the exhibit and it places on the first page of results in a Google search for "history of cosmology."

Notice the woman in the black t-shirt? That's Meagan Saldua, an SPS summer intern working on APS Physics Quest.
Under pressure
Peer pressure can be a good thing...especially when it is coaxing a student to learn more science. Imagine a ride on a homemade hovercraft, powered by a leaf blower! That's just one way physics students at Angelo State University teach science lessons to elementary school kids. Known as the Peer Pressure Team, these SPS members conduct science demonstrations with support from the AIP Education Division through the Marsh White Awards given annually by the Society of Physics Students. We have uploaded reports and photos of various outreach events from SPS chapters across the country. Visit the SPS website and be amazed!

Let's do lunch!
A series of lunches was launched on Friday, June 15 for the administrative professionals in College Park to help us take advantage of different resources at AIP, including each other. By coming together in an open forum sharing ideas and experiences, these staff hope to tap into one another's knowledge and expertise to better perform their jobs. Organized by Donna Jones from Human Resources and Margaret Wiley from the Executive Director's office, the group welcomed internal guest speaker, Debbie Dillon, Office Services Manager at ACP, Debbie spoke about what Office Services can do to help the administrative staff streamline their work. The group plans to meet on a regular basis.

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