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Power through print

Dear Colleagues,

AIP is fortunate to have some very talented people as employees. These talents are put to work in the course of our normal job duties; we also have employees whose off-the-job activities exercise their talents. As should be the case, AIP is fortunate to have some very talented writers on its roster.

Phil Schewe, a senior science writer in AIP Media and Government Relations, recently published a book that is being well received by reviewers and readers, including the community that AIP serves. Phil’s book, entitled The Grid: A Journey to the Heart of our Electrified World, explores the complicated and essential service of providing electric power to consumers. Written for the general public, this work is a mixture of history and exposition of the science, technology and politics behind the generation and delivery of electrical power.

The Grid has already launched into its second printing since the initial publication in March. Evidently, readers are responding to favorable reviews in such prestigious publications as Nature, Natural History, Publishers Weekly, the Library Journal, New Scientist and several metropolitan newspapers. This attention has garnered Phil 18 radio interviews so far, including the nationally syndicated “Earth and Sky” and “Science Friday” on NPR. The New York Times recently published Phil’s “Op-Ed” on this important subject, and Phil published related articles in IEEE’s Spectrum and the May 2007 issue of Scientific American. Phil’s College Park colleagues helped him celebrate the success of the book with a signing event at Washington’s famous “Politics and Prose” bookstore. All this attention is a testament to the quality of Phil’s research and writing and the timeliness of the subject as the world re-awakens to the connections between energy use, the economy and climate change.

Indeed, climate change and energy policy are in the news every day. The headlines will only get bigger over then next two months since Congress is now holding hearings directed toward new legislation concerning such topics as caps on carbon emission and how to reduce the need for imported oil.

AIP Corporate Associates will highlight the renewed interest in energy technologies at the upcoming 2007 AIP Industrial Physics Forum. This conference is themed The Energy Challenge and will be held in conjunction with the AVS International Symposium October 14-16, 2007, in Seattle, WA.

Sincerely yours,


We adapt
ScitationAIP has developed a secure, syndicated login capability that enables user credentials to be shared between a member society’s home website and that society’s publications presence on Scitation ®. Called a “partnership adapter” (PA), the software plug-in to Scitation’s access control system is designed to allow society members to use their membership credentials to access full-text articles and other subscription-controlled content that AIP hosts. Individual users can seamlessly log in to Scitation with the same username and password they would use to make dues payments and access personal member information. While not as robust as pure federated access protocols like Athens or Shibboleth, the lower-overhead PA is easier to implement, requiring only modest technical ability on the society side to successfully federate with AIP. The adapter has recently been deployed for one publishing partner, and it will be extended to two others by the end of June.

Reaching outReaching out
Fulfillment & Marketing Services has expanded its capability to reach out to our author community. With the help of a web interface built by Publishing Technology, we can now access author email addresses using various criteria, such as PACS codes. Originally built for AIP titles, this utility has now been expanded so that it can be used by other customers to broadcast information or to market to individual journal authors.

2006 SPS interns meet with Rep. Vernon Ehlers
2006 SPS Interns with Congressman Vernon Ehlers

Welcome 2007 SPS summer interns!
New faces arrive at ACP today - undergraduate interns hosted by the Society of Physics Students and AIP Education. For the past six years, SPS has welcomed a number of interns to the D.C. area to work on outreach efforts, policy issues and physics research. This year eight students are joining us from campuses as diverse as Green River Community College and University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Five of the eight interns will work at ACP with SPS, APS and AAPT. Other students have positions with the Materials Science Research and Engineering Center at the University of Maryland, NASA Goddard and NIST. The SPS website posts their photos and introductions.

FYI for the Maryland folk - AIP Education staff will give the interns a tour of ACP today. We expect to be on the 3rd floor around 11:45am and on the 2nd floor around 1:30pm. We will encourage them to stop by your offices/cubicles, introduce themselves, and find out a little bit about the work AIP does. If you don't want the interruption, please let us know (email sps@aip.org), or simply close your door or duck in your cubicle when we come by!

Please join us in welcoming them to AIP!

old photos
Rosalyn Yalow with graduate students, circa 1970s

Old time photos
The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) has had a top-notch physics department since the 1920s. Recently the History Center’s photo librarian, Heather Lindsay, visited UIUC and was allowed to select more than 1500 photographs of distinguished faculty and guest lecturers. This collection will be processed over the coming year and added to the online Emilio Segrè Visual Archives and digital scans will be returned to the UIUC physics department. The collection contains photos of such notable physicists as John Bardeen, Frederick Seitz, Hans Frauenfelder and many others. We now have more than 10,000 photos online, for sale at cost.

Email iconBeat the bulk email blues
BSO experts conducted a bulk email seminar last week at ACP. A June seminar will be scheduled in New York as well. The seminar gave an overview of AIP’s bulk email product, called Listserv, and covered new features in version 15.0. There is no need to attend the seminar to take advantage of this service which is free to AIP departments. One useful feature you might be interested in is Lmail, an internal web application designed for employees to quickly send email to a bulk list of addresses that would otherwise be too large or tedious to accomplish using GroupWise. Please contact Mike DeGregory for more information.

Audit news
Each year our auditors, KPMG LLP, audit the AIP TIAA-CREF Defined Contribution Retirement Plan. In connection with the audit this year, they will be sending out audit confirmations to a random selection of AIP employees, who will be asked to confirm whether the provided statements on their accounts are correct. The audit preparation has already started and will conclude by July 31, 2007. This audit is mandatory and is submitted to the United States Department of Labor. If you have any questions, please contact Sherry Render.

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