H. Frederick Dylla Director's Matters

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the first issue of AIP Matters. As the new Executive Director, I am honored to have the privilege to lead AIP. I spent the last month learning about AIP operations and meeting with many of you. The process has given me an even greater appreciation for the value and complexity of this almost 76-year-old organization and your dedication to it. I admire the accomplishments this organization has achieved and I am committed to continuing AIP's success. Since communication is essential to success, starting with this inaugural newsletter, I hope to build effective internal communications at AIP. I will communicate clearly where we are going and why, and what the benefits will be if we accomplish what we set out to achieve. Collectively, we will set goals and objectives. Because I am interested in your growth and future, I will give you frequent and specific feedback. Because I expect to be informed about what's going on in our organization, I will make every attempt to be accessible. And because I expect honesty, I will demonstrate candor in addressing problems and challenges in a decisive, timely, and transparent way. Together we will build AIP into an even more thriving mission-driven organization for our member societies and the scientific community at-large.

I invite your feedback to this newsletter at aipmatters@aip.org.

Sincerely yours,


"Production portal" for SEG
Publishing Technology staff developed an extranet "production portal" for The Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG). The portal provides an interactive view of the production process starting with "manuscript received at AIP," and then focusing on the corrections cycle from "proof to author" until "final approval." The site will allow SEG staff to track manuscripts during the production process, and immediately access proofs and corrections from their authors and Special Editors. Other societies have expressed interest in a production portal, so this may be the first of many to come.

How are we doing?
Production Operations & Customer Services, which provides comprehensive publishing services, currently has more than 20 customers. These publishing customers are exposed to an ever-growing number of service providers, and they are in the driver's seat when it comes to choosing a vendor. With this in mind, Production Operations & Customer Services surveyed customers who receive peer review, production, circulation and fulfillment, and/or online services. The objective was to solicit feedback regarding the image projected, and the quality and level of services provided. While many favorable responses were gratifying, Production Operations & Customer Services is developing plans to address areas where performance can be enhanced.

Physics honor society celebrates new inductees
sample This is the season for inducting new members into Sigma Pi Sigma, the physics honor society in AIP's Education Division. Sacha Purnell (shown with chapter advisor William Powell) and Lydia Quijada recently participated in the induction ceremony at Morgan State University in Baltimore. With over 40,000 members, and 1,000 new members added each year, Sigma Pi Sigma is one of the largest and most diverse physics societies anywhere. It is especially effective at introducing physics students to the member societies of AIP.

Surprise endowment in Marc Brodsky's honor
The Center for History of Physics and Niels Bohr Library & Archives announces the creation of a new permanently-endowed fund in honor of departing Executive Director and CEO, Marc Brodsky. The Marc H. Brodsky Fund for Oral History of Physicists in Industry will enable the Center and Library & Archives to interview important industrial physicists each year, transcribe and preserve their oral histories, and make them available to researchers now and in the future. The Fund was established on March 29, 2007 by generous gifts from the Lois and Julian Brodsky Family (Julian is Marc's brother) and from John and Elizabeth Armstrong. Other business associates of Marc have also contributed. At this moment, over $83,000 has been pledged to the Fund, which will remain open over the next four years for future contributions. Read more in the Spring issue of the Center's newsletter.

Expanding Employease Network
Human Resources will focus on the Employease Network in 2007, adding more useful features to the site. This externally hosted, web-based Human Resources database has become the primary electronic repository of employee information at AIP. Besides being a powerful employee information management tool for the Human Resources staff, the network has a lot to offer to all employees: personal benefits information on every chosen benefit, instant access to an array of forms, manuals and other helpful documents in the AIP Guide. This list will grow in 2007.

If you need help logging into Employease, contact Janet Wehrenberg at ext. 3026.

Annual audit complete
KPMG (AIP's external auditors) has completed the audit of AIP's financial statements and the audit of the federal grants for the year ended December 31, 2006. KPMG issued AIP an unqualified or clean opinion, noting no material weaknesses in internal financial control.